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Spotlight On: Learning English in Miami

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How would you like some good news to start off the year? Well, look no further, as EC Miami is reopening in March 2021 and getting back to what it does best – teaching you English! Miami, Florida has long been a popular destination for travellers and language learners alike. The locals speak over 128 languages. Yes – 128 unique languages! This is all thanks to a long history of people from many countries and backgrounds settling here and it makes Miami an easy place to fit in. This diversity creates a welcoming and comfortable place not only for learning English, but to put the language into practice on a daily basis, with students and locals alike.

Miami Beach

Warm Spring Weather

Let’s jump straight in here and imagine that sunny weather during your stay. The temperature in Miami during March averages 25°C, and around 18°C degrees at night, unlike the chilly climate in most of the northern hemisphere at that time of year. Easy to see why December to May are the most popular months to visit the city. It’s warm without being too hot, and the humidity hasn’t crept in yet either. Oh, and just to put the cherry on top, the water temperature is pretty nice then too so, swimming? Yes please. Surfing? You bet. How about a balmy evening walk on the famous South Beach? Go for it!


School Reopening March 2021

We are so excited for this. On the 1st March, our Miami English school is scheduled to reopen following all the COVID-19 guidelines required and right now, our teachers, and all our staff, are busy behind the scenes to make the return to teaching as safe and memorable as ever. Even with the constraints of social distancing, our academic and social programs have been developed and adapted to provide you with two things. One: excellent standards of English lessons within a stimulating curriculum and, two: an activity schedule to level up your language experience through social events. Your safety is our priority now and always.


Multicultural Local Community

EC Miami English school is located on the world-famous Lincoln Road, where you will find amazing shopping and restaurants. Remember those 128 languages mentioned at the start of this post? Well, just imagine how many different cultures and cuisines there are to experience here! Try the alligator bites, the famous Cuban sandwiches and creamy, crunchy, zesty Key lime pie. There is something for every taste and budget here and from each corner of the world.


From pastel coloured art deco buildings to the glittering surf on the beaches and endless unforgettable sights around every corner, Miami brings out the glitz for every single visitor. It is the ideal location for a sunny language learning experience abroad and just one of our schools for studying English in the USA. We have locations across the whole of America, from east coast to west, so if you are still making your mind up, why not check out our other locations for learning English in America? If you need help deciding, just contact us and we’ll help you along the way.

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