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What's it like taking a CELTA programme at EC Toronto?

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Did you know that as well as teaching students, we teach teachers too? We offer CELTA courses in Toronto to people interested in having a career in teaching English as a foreign language. CELTA is the most widely recognised TEFL qualification and it enables holders to work as teachers anywhere around the world.

So what’s it like taking a CELTA programme at EC Toronto? Read what the experience is like from Warda, one of our CELTA course students. Where better to obtain your CELTA qualification than in one of the most multicultural cities in the world?

Toronto CELTA Course Student

The CELTA certification with EC was absolutely a pleasant experience. I was enrolled in the part-time classes and I found the course quite engaging. I was delighted with the support I received throughout the course from the peers, trainers and the management. The trainers made sure to guide us in their best possible ways. They made the CELTA course journey easier than I had expected.

During the course, I learned several techniques to overcome the challenges while teaching Upper and Lower level English learners. At first, it used to take significant time, effort and research to plan and execute lessons. However, with the trainers’ continuous guidance, I was able to prepare quality lesson plans efficiently. CELTA has equipped me with different teaching approaches and techniques, and I feel confident to employ them in future.

The virtual CELTA course, during pandemic, designed by EC proved to be extremely effective. The close coordination with peers, frequent online classes and use of technology created a real engaging environment for all of us. The virtual course provided me a unique opportunity to enhance my technological skills which can be utilized in online teaching.

Our CELTA courses in Toronto are officially approved by Cambridge Assessment English and meet the standards for TESL Canada (standard one). Learn more about our Toronto CELTA Course

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