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EC English Partners with Air Canada and Introduces Multi-destination Package

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EC students now get 15% off their flights to Canada

EC English is proud to announce we have partnered with Air Canada to give our students 15% off the cost of their plane tickets when they fly directly to Canada with Air Canada in 2021. We believe this partnership will create a better, cost-effective experience for students travelling from all over the world to Canada, Air Canada is Canada’s largest airline is among the 20 largest airlines globally. its corporate headquarters are located in Montreal.

“EC has been working very hard to safely re-open our campuses since July 2020,” says Martine Mangion, Director of Operations for EC.

“Students are eager to travel to Canada to achieve their dreams of studying, working and immigrating and we are excited that this partnership with Air Canada will make it more affordable for them to travel in these tough times,” says Mangion.

The discount is easy to use: as soon as students book their English or French courses in Canada, we send them a unique code they can use when booking their flight on Air Canada’s website.

Montreal and Toronto Multi-destination Package

With students rightly looking for value and convenience more than ever when choosing to learn English, EC is introducing its Montreal and Toronto Multi-destination package, ideal for long-term students who want to learn English in Canada.  This package is perfect for students interested in studying at EC Toronto, but put off by the high cost of doing quarantine at the expensive Toronto accommodation

How does it work?

Our Multi-destination package is built around a 4-week stay in Montreal prior to a bus transfer to Toronto (bus ticket included in the package).

To avoid the cost of quarantining in Toronto, a cheaper option is to start your Canadian adventure in beautiful Montreal. On arrival, you’ll be taken to a local homestay provider where you will stay for 4 weeks. The first two weeks of your stay are your quarantine. During this time you will learn English in live online lessons with EC Virtual, taught by EC teachers. After your 2-week quarantine, you are ready for 2 weeks of face-to-face lessons at EC Montreal, our school is on Saint-Catherine Street, the main commercial street of downtown Montreal. If you enjoy people watching, shopping, a good meal, or even a long walk, this is the place for you.

What’s included?

✓ 4 weeks full board homestay (quarantine: 2 weeks)
✓ 2 weeks of EC Virtual (during quarantine)
✓ Airport reception
✓ Bus from Montreal to Toronto
✓ Letter of acceptance
✓ CAQ (Québec Acceptance Certificate)
✓ SIM card

Canada’s most iconic eastern cities provide very different atmospheres and experiences. While Toronto is modern, high-rise, and looks to America, Bi-lingual Montreal is seen as more historic, cultural with a European feel, particularly because of its French roots. What they have in common: both are must-see destinations and a real treat for anyone studying English in Canada.

We want to help students feel that their tuition fees and overall investment in learning English abroad each represent good value for money. If students want to learn English in Canada at the present time, we encourage them to take part in our well organised and supported Multi-destination programme.


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