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Study English in New York during Christmas

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Bryant Park ice rink

Christmas is round the corner, streets and houses slowly start to take on their Christmas outfits. Our “Christmas to do” lists start to grow and the urge to do something different increases as the New Year makes its way in.

Our “Christmas to do” list at EC grows, as social activates slowly start to come alive again. As ours grows, we are sure yours does too, and we are wondering does your “Christmas to do” list have the words “New York” and “Learn a new language” somewhere along the lines? If it does and you’re eager to cross it off, the wait is now over, book your New York English course and fly over to New York City, and visit a place that literally turns into a Christmas Wonderland overnight.

EC New York School

Get dazzled by Rockefeller Christmas tree, flaunt your ice-skating skills at Bryant Park skating rink, and create a memory of learning English in a city that the whole world speaks about. Immerse yourself into a diverse culture where all cultures, foods and traditions can be found whilst still being surrounded by the English language everywhere you turn.

Choose a place that is full of life, opportunities and… food, all the different types of food one could ever wish for 😉. Devour all the doughnuts you want, it’s the festive season. Get in the spirit, enjoy the sound of the Christmas bells as they get closer and closer, stop and stare at The Grand Central Clock and take the time to sit down and read your English books so that you take a break from the busy life that the New Yorkers live.  

Mariah Carey in her world famous song said, “All I want for Christmas is You”, believe us when we say, all that EC New York wants is… You.

Don’t think twice, grab your woolly socks and scarfs, pack your bags, download some English songs to sing along to and start your English journey this Christmas with EC.

Your New Year will have a dreamers start that is full of achievements and wonderful life experiences.

EC New York offers English courses for international students of all levels, including 30+ programmes. Our English school is open all year with a minimum stay of only one week! Contact us for more information on studying English in New York.

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