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Practice Makes Perfect!

This well-known English phrase is widely thought to be the secret of good learning, but is it? Practice is absolutely vital for language learners, but will any practice do?

Many language learners spend hours doing grammar exercises, reading grammar explanations, and completing gapfill activities, but does this develop your language skills? Practice without application, without reflection and without building language awareness has less impact than you think!

In this series we will give you ideas of ways you can create language learning habits in your normal life, that embed the language know and have a real impact in your language development. They help you think about the language you are using and push yourself to try new expressions, grammar, and lexis, while developing your fluency and confidence.

Daily Gratitudes

Level A2-C1 (Elementary – Advanced)

Improve your speaking fluency and your mental health!

Gratitudes are things (people, situations, animals, objects) that make you feel grateful and happy. Thinking about things that make us happy everyday helps us be more positive. People that are positive are better learners!

Step One

Buy a journal or use your mobile phone to record your diary – there are lots of apps available, choose the one you like best.

Step Two

Add an entry each day of the week, make it part of your routine. Record three things that you are grateful for and why.

For example; I am very grateful for my family who care for me and want me to do well.

Step three

After a week, listen to your entries and make a note of phrases or feelings you found difficult to express.

Look for better ways to say these and then use your new phrases by recording a summary of your week.

Step four

Aim to use 3 new phrases in your diary the next week.


Although speaking and writing are interactive skills, you can keep a diary and write and speak to yourself. This is a great way to work on your speaking or writing fluency.

Learning a language is something to be thankful for in itself. It shows your capability, your will to learn and your strength to keep pushing and improving yourself. If you want to learn English, join us in one of our globally located English schools.

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