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Why learning English or any new language is important

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Learn a language – why?

Learning a new language literally transforms your life; it gives you more knowledge whilst training your brain, it modifies your travels, helps you to create multilingual friendships, and boosts your confidence.

The SCIENCE behind learning a new language

More knowledge whilst training your brain

Let’s base our blog on Learning English.
Today, approximately 1.5billion people speak English, so if you are stuck on which language to choose, English could be an option.

1. Sharpens the mind
2. Enhances the ability to multi-task
3. Improves memory
4. Boosts brain power
5. Increases mental flexibility and creativity

The reason why it modifies your travels

When travelling to most countries, you will find that many people speak at least some bits of English, so asking for directions just got easier. It also helps you to choose a destination; for example if you had to choose one of EC’s English Language schools you will find that you are spoiled for choice. EC has 22 English language schools located around America, Canada, Malta, South Africa, Ireland and the UK.

Creating multilingual friendships

Ludwig Wittgenstein said “The limits of my language are the limits of my world”. Don’t limit your world. Meet new people, create more friendships, broaden your horizons, and learn from other people.

Boosts your confidence

Advance in your career – smash those business meetings or increase your skills on your resume. This will give you a significant competitive advantage when applying for jobs or, when part of an international meeting and the common language is English, you will shine.  

When we explore a new language, we explore a new culture… chances are that you will also be able to explore a new country, or, if you are unable to travel to a new country, we still have an option for you, where you can learn and meet people, with our ever-growing online platform – EC Online Virtual. Learn English from the comfort of your own home whilst being connected with other cultures.

Learning a language, for the matter of fact learning in general is an important tool to have and to keep using.
Enjoy learning and good luck ;).

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