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EC 30+ English Programmes. Why?

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‘Why EC 30+ English programme?’ we asked our former students.

“I want to feel comfortable with people my own age” 

– officer worker, Japanese

Growing older comes with perks, it comes with more life experience, more laughs and obviously along with that more stress, but growing older also gives us the chance to keep taking opportunities and risks, to keep learning and making new friendships.

“The English course is more adapted to my needs” 

– accountant, French

Education should have no boundaries, there should be no excuse why we cannot keep learning with like-minded people, so we, at EC, understood this need therefore we implemented, and we created 30+ English programmes to give different and broader options for more opportunities in life.

Our 30+ English schools started in 2013, which was the first ever world-wide programme created for anyone over the age of 30. Six different must-see destinations, from art deco chic in New York, to neo-gothic romance in Malta, to contemporary Toronto, to stylish London, to vibrant Dublin, each of our schools is designed to reflect a unique aspect of the local culture.

“I want to make new friends from my own age group”

– lawyer, Slovakia

So, come and learn English in a globally located English school. Come and make new friendships with people from all around the world with the same objective in mind – to learn English and to create new friendships, to see a new country and to create a new life experience. Join a English 30+ programme with EC, and start your new journey.

Never stop learning. Never stop travelling. Never stop making friends. Always push your boundaries. Always go that extra mile, no matter how uncomfortable things get. Break those clichés. There are always other options. We are never too old!

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