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EC Cambridge launches new English course

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Extra Extra, read all about it, Unibridge is coming to EC Cambridge!

All over the world the city of Cambridge is known and respected for its prestigious universities, which makes it the perfect location for EC’s new Unibridge course. As of January 2022, EC Cambridge will be the sole EC location offering this exciting course.

“What is Unibridge?” I hear you ask…

EC’s mission statement is to help students succeed in a global community and many of our students are:

  • Planning to join an undergraduate course in an English-speaking university
  • Currently attending a university in their country with English components
  • Applying for a Phd or Master’s programme
  • Teaching in a university

In order to help these particular students to succeed in the global community of university, we are launching a course that couples general English with academic skills lessons.

In these lessons, our students will prepare for life at university by learning to give presentations, research and write essays, critically assess texts, take part in seminars, and much more.

What makes this course different to other academic courses?

Well now that is a very good question. There are a number of interesting factors that help Unibridge to stand out from the crowd.

  • E-Portfolios: students will build their E-Portfolios which they can use to help them to apply to the university of their choice
  • A tailored approach: Students can choose the academic modules they cover so they focus on the areas that are most important for them
  • Lectures: Lectures are built into the course so our students get real university experience
  • Smaller class sizes: our academic lessons will have a maximum of 8 students per class

What do our students think?

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some comments from our wonderful students:

“It’s more relevant for my life”


“It’s good to balance general English and academic lessons”


“It’s great to use technology in the class. The E-portfolios are easy to use and help us to learn”


If you’re considering a university course and are worried about making that step from general English to university life, then Unibridge can help you bridge that gap.  

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