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Find Your Voice – Learn English with EC

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Find your voice - learn English with EC

Communication is key in every aspect of our lives. We are talked to and talked at for all of our waking hours. Some of this is through choice, and some is not. Much is passive and some blatant. Some of this is missed from lack of interest, little relevance or diverted focus. Some is just lost in the sea of information we are exposed to daily from our work life, personal life, entertainment, travel and world events. News, music, signage, conversation, instructions and information is pushed out 24×7, and it may seem hard to be heard in all the noise! 

Find your Vision

So how do you get to communicate effectively with your audience, be it on a personal basis to friends, partners or family, to colleagues, co-workers, suppliers and customers in a professional setting, or new friends, staff and servers you meet in your leisure time? Maybe you want to gain independence and live in another country and further your education at an international college or university, perhaps career progression means acquiring more soft skills or working with others in international offices, and a new hobby or relationship may demand new competences, a new vision and maybe a little bit of patience?

All of these skills are learned at the same time as learning at EC English language schools. With small group classes with people from around the world, the understanding you gain of other cultures and lifestyles is an experience in itself. You will learn to communicate with different types of people from all walks of life and all with differing backgrounds and jobs and be able to have conversations about a number of subjects in the corridors and classrooms from current affairs, your home and family life, food and traditions, likes and dislikes, and of course, while socialising together too! You will be able to manage situations from making plans to buying tickets, to celebrating and sending gifts, to the everyday contact we have with others. 

Find your Voice

We want to help you grow and learn and live your best life; for us it is not just about verb tables and pages of grammar rules. We want to help you find your inspiration, to find your vision and your motivation, and to build confidence in your skill, your hobby, your profession and in your communication skills, to be able to articulate your message in English in any situation. We want to help you to find your voice

Find your Inspiration Motivation  Vision Voice

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