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You are not too old to learn. English Classes for the over 50s

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We can’t count the number of times we have heard ‘I’m too old to learn now’ but that is a myth! EC Malta runs Club 50+, an English language course dedicated to those over 50 years of age who wish to learn or improve their language skills for work, family or pleasure. 

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The course is great for those whose career needs them to be able to communicate with other offices, with customers or international colleagues, and for families who perhaps have a new member – be it a spouse or a grandchild, who may not speak your mother tongue. Maybe a new hobby or interest has a community that shares all its information in English for the widest reach, and the laborious task of translating takes the joy out of enjoying the past-time itself?

Most of our students for this course say how much fun it is being back in a classroom; and the way we teach is interactive and not just page after page of verb tables. There are small groups of like-minded individuals from around the world and we have clean, modern facilities and highly trained and experienced teachers who are generous with their knowledge and time. 

Classes, while most often in a classroom, also take place in fun and interesting settings with lots of activities to fulfil the most energetic. We take advantage of the rich history, culture and weather in Malta in May and September; where it is warm enough to enjoy the outdoors and the sea. 

Indeed, these classes are perfect for those travelling alone, as you participate in time-tabled and extra-curricular events which are another way to practice conversation in real-life scenarios, like buying tickets, ordering food, requesting information and even emergency situations.

Accommodation too can be arranged as required, at the University of Malta in brand-new purpose-built units, with a family or person of a similar age who you share their home and meal-times with, in a one bedroomed apartment for those who prefer their own space and in student accommodation where a flatlet so you are independent, though amongst students of all ages and nationalities.

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The focus on speaking and using the language in real life situations has made this unique course a winner for both EC English Language Schools and our students who want to make the most of their vitality and continue to enhance their life with new skills.

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