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Vancouver weather, scary at times

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Sharing your story – EC Vancouver

I had a lovely time in Alberta. I shed a tear when I saw snow for the first time.

But when we left the Rockies our bus driver told us that we might have to sleep in the bus as it was raining very heavily, and he didn’t think we could continue our journey. We couldn’t have known the enormity of the problem we were about to face. When we woke up, we were in the town of Hope.

We had slept on the bus. We had to go to the toilet on the side of the road during the night. The local school gym opened its doors to us. At 8:00 o’clock in the morning we entered the school, and we were served food, coffee, and fruit. Finally, we were warm. The volunteers entertained us and tried to make us feel calm. We had lunch and got some information. We had got some information on the internet, but nobody knew the details.

At 5:00 PM they made an announcement that the Highway was closed so we would have to stay for another night at the school. I slept on a chair in my coat, but some people didn’t even have a coat!

The next day volunteers came and kept us motivated. 500 people were in the school. Some people had tents, and the children played there. The quality of sleep was good enough although I didn’t sleep much. In the city of Hope there was a lot less rain, but the situation was still very unstable and uncertain for me.

A shower is very important for me, but I couldn’t have one! Supplies were delivered to the school. I got a blanket and a pillow on day 2. The cinema in Hope gave us a free film and we got free popcorn. It was a suspense movie.

My friend told me that there was a helicopter available that day, but it was super expensive. I made a reservation to leave the next day at 11 AM. At 4:00 PM that day they announced the possibility of a train leaving at 6:00 PM. We took our belongings and walked to the station and the TV crew was there interviewing and filming people.

I thought the train journey would be about two or three hours, but it was much longer; it took six hours. We arrived at the station in Vancouver at 3:00 AM in the morning. We were exhausted but I still came to school that morning. I didn’t meet other Brazilians on the trip, but I met people from other countries and got to speak a lot of English.

Things were a challenge for me:  for example, being restricted was very tough for me. The situation dragged on and on…

I have been working since I was 12 and I felt very vulnerable because I was dependent on others, so I started to help the volunteers so that I could feel some balance. I wanted to give and receive. The volunteers gave us many choices.

I was very happy to be back in Vancouver and have my feet on solid ground again.

We promise not all visits to Vancouver are like these, but we do promise that you will have a memorable experience with us learning English. Come learn English in Vancouver with us and create your own experience.

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