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What are homonyms? See these examples 

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There are lots of words in the English language which sound the same but are spelled differently and have entirely another meaning. They are called homonyms. Here are a few to know.  

flower flour homonym

Examples of Homonyms

ad - advertisement  
add - combine   

advice - guidance  
advise - recommend   

altar –  table in church  
alter – to change           

cell – compartment  
sell – vend  
cereal – breakfast food  
serial – sequential  

close – opposite of open  
clothes – clothing  

complement – enhance; go together  
compliment – praise  
dear – term of endearment  
deer– woodland animal  
desert – dry land  
dessert – after-dinner sweet course 

doe – female deer  
dough – uncooked bread  

fair – equal  
fare – price   

fairy – fictitious tiny winged ‘human’ – Tinkerbell  
ferry – boat / ship for cars, cargo or passengers  

find - to discover  
fined – charged a penalty  

flew – did fly  
flu – cold-like illness  
flour – powdery, ground grain  
flower – blooming plant  
foreword - introduction to a book  
forward – advancing  
gene – a chromosome  
jean – denim  
gorilla – big ape  
guerrilla - warrior  
hay – straw animal food  
hey – greeting  
heal – mend  
heel – back of foot  
hear – to listen  
here – at this place 

hole – opening  
whole – entire   

hour – 60 minutes  
our – belonging to us  

knight – feudal horseman  
night – evening  
knot – tied rope  
not – negative  
know – have knowledge  
no – opposite of yes   

none – not any  
nun – woman who takes special vows  
one – single  
won – did win 

peace – calm  
piece – segment  

patience – being willing to wait  
patients – person treated in a hospital or by a doctor   

pear – a type of fruit  
pair – 2 (usually matching)   

plain – ordinary  
plane – flight machine plane; flat surface 

poor – not rich  
pour – make flow  
right – correct; not left  
write – scribble  
rose – flower  
rows – lines  

sail – move by wind power  
sale – bargain price  
scene – landscape  
seen – viewed   

sea – ocean segment  
see – observe with eyes  
son – male child  
sun – the star that lights the solar system   

stair – step  
stare – to look at steadily 

suite – room in a hotel with lounge area etc  
sweet – the opposite of sour    

wait – kill time  
weight – measure     

way – path  
weigh – measure mass  
weak - not strong  
week – 7 days  
which – that  
witch – sorcerer  

There are many, many more. In speech it is almost impossible to tell the difference but look at the spelling when written. The rest of the sentence should help you understand which is correct.   

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