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English language vocabulary for Marketing 

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marketing presentation skills at EC English Language Centres

Being able to effectively communicate in English is an important skill for many professional careers. Research shows that 64% of staff have the English skills needed to succeed in their role and the sectors this is most important in are Banking, Finance and Law. 

Being able to speak and read English are the top skills needed in a marketing department. 

Top management roles were where English improvements were required, and the areas of focus were: 

  1. Writing emails and correspondence 
  1. Delivering presentations 
  1. Participating in meetings 
  1. Reading reports 

Companies also value their English-speaking staff more with an average of 17% of them offering higher salaries. 18% stated they have a faster career progression because of English ability. Maybe now is the time to check out our a course at one of our English Language Centres

We offer courses that will enable you to communicate confidently and effectively in all situations with extra activities to help with presenting, debating, report writing etc and social activities where you can network with other professionals from different vertical markets and countries.  

Marketing Vocabulary 

Here is some terminology in English that you might need in a Marketing role: 

  1. Persona 

the way acharacterseems to other people 

  1. Campaign 

a series of activities intended to achieve a result 

  1. Call To Action 

usually a link that encouragespeople to find out more information 

  1. Customer Journey 

the act of travelling from place to another in a sales funnel for example 

  1. Testimonial 

a statement about the character or qualities of a product or service by a user / consumer 

  1. Influencer 

someone hired to affect what people buy  

  1. Funnel 

the tactics used to define a customer journey from education to purchase 

  1. Content 

the subject or ideascontained in something written, said, created in images and words  

  1. Conversion 

the process of getting a customer who visits a website, sees an advertisement, etc. to buy a product 

  1. Landing Page 

a webpage that customers are taken to when they click an advert 

  1. Measurable 

able to discoverits exact impact 

  1. Clickbait 

articles, photographs and other links which encourage readers to go to a particular website 

  1. Omnichannel  

concept in which all sales and interactionchannels are considered together 

  1. Customer Segmentation 

the process of dividing a company’s customers into groups of similartypes, in order to plan how to sell to each type more effectively 

  1. Analytics 

a process in which one examinesinformation to findusefulpatterns

And we all know what the number one secret to marketing is, in any language / geography / audience is, don’t we? 

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