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What to expect on your Club 50+ English programme 

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Who are EC English 

EC has English schools in 22 locations with around 45 thousand students taking courses every year! We are unique in offering an English course for the over 50s.

This course, available exclusively in Malta, was developed after an increase in interest from students who are learning English later in life. These students do not want traditional English courses, they are looking for a programme that reflects where they are in life.  

activities for 50+ at EC Malta

What students say about our Club 50+ English programme 

Past students of Club 50+ in Malta shared their experiences with us in a video where they told us the reasons they wanted to learn English and how they found the course. Some said how much they enjoyed being behind a desk again, and others of how wonderful it was not to be in charge and not making all the decisions!  

The teachers enjoy the time they spend on this course too as they say each lesson delivers lively discussion from the mix of students that they have on the course from varying backgrounds and countries. 

What happens at a Club 50+ English course in Malta 

The first week of the 50+ course in Malta usually starts with an introduction to the school and programme in the morning and English lessons in the afternoon. This is followed by a complimentary dinner for all students across the groups to get to know each other socially. 

The rest of the week is a mix of a half-day activity and English lessons. The activities include tours which are all included in the price of the programme; a guided tour of the capital city of Valletta, there is a cruise of the Grand Harbour, a craft making experience and a bowling evening too! 

There is also a day trip to Malta’s sister island of Gozo on the weekend, where you have a full guided tour and a chance to relax with your fellow students. 

Inside and outside of the classroom you will find: 

  • Six students per class 
  • 20 lessons per week; a total of 15 hours of English lessons 
  • Like-minded people from all over the world learning English for a variety of reasons (family, work, hobbies, travel) 
  • Activities where you can practise your English in cultural, social and leisure scenarios. 
  • Choice of accommodation to suit your individual needs from living with a local family to independent living in a student residence 
  • Free time to explore the beautiful islands of Malta 

Dates for upcoming courses 

The 50+ programme gives you the chance to experience Malta in all its glory. The dates are perfect for outdoor activities and great weather, so that means more time outside! You won’t have large crowds or strong heat like during the summer months – Spring and Autumn are excellent seasons to visit Malta. Come and join us: 

  • 26th September 2022 
  • 2nd May 2022 
  • 25th September 2023 

Remember, you are not too old to learn English

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