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Learn homonyms: know the difference? Part 2

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Further to part one of this series on homonyms, there are more words that have similar sounds but completely different meanings and spellings. These are the sorts of things you will gain confidence in when you learn English abroad with EC!  

english lesson on homonyms

How many of these homonyms do you know?

aid - assist, assistance    aide - one who gives assistance
coarse – rough  course - path, procedure  
conduct – behaviour  conduct – to lead  
council – committee  counsel – guidance  
creak – squeak  creek – stream of water  
die – cease to exist  dye – color  
discreet – tactful  discrete – distinct  
dual – double  duel – battle  
elicit – draw out  illicit – illegal  
eminent – distinguished  imminent – soon  
ewe – female sheep  you – second-person personal pronoun   
feat – achievement  feet – plural of foot  
fir – type of tree  fur – animal hair  
flea – small biting insect  flee - run   
forth – onward  fourth - number four  
grease – fat  Greece - country in Europe  
hall - passageway  haul – tow  
halve - cut in two parts  have – possess  
hi – hello  high – up far  
hoarse – croaky  horse – animal  
hoarse – rough voice  horse – animal  
knead – massage  need – desire  
leased – past tense of lease  least – the minimum  
lessen – make smaller  lesson – class  
loan – lend  lone – solitary  
made – did make  maid – servant  
mail – postage  male – opposite of female  
marry – to wed   merry – very happy  
meat – animal protein  meet – encounter  
mince - to chop finely  mints – type of sweet  
overdo – do too much  overdue – past due date   
pail – bucket  pale – not bright   
pain – hurt  pane – window glass  
peak – highest point  peek – glance  
pole – post  poll – survey  
pray – implore God  prey – quarry  
rap – type of music  wrap – drape around  
read – past tense of the verb to read  red – colour   
real – factual  reel – roll  
ring – encircle  wring – squeeze  
road – street  rode – past tense of ride  
role – function  roll – rotate  
seam – joining edge  seem – appear  
soar – ascend  sore – hurt place  
sole – single  soul – essence
some – a fewsum – amount  
threw - past tense of throw  through – passing from one place to another  
toe - foot appendage  tow - pull along  
war - battle  wore - did wear  
we - us  wee - very small  
weak - not strong  week - seven days
wood - material coming from trees  would - conditional auxiliary  
your - belonging to youyou’re - you are  

Try to get used to these maybe by looking up the word so you get used to spelling it yourself. 

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