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Applying For Your Student Visa 

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Depending on where you are from and where you are going to study English, you may need a visa. A student visa gives you the right to enter and stay in a country to attend an accredited course – normally for a little longer than the course duration itself. Some countries allow you to extend or apply for a work & study or work visa once you graduate from your course. 

The specific type of visa differs and is dependent on your nationality and destination, type, and length of course. This article will help you with some basic information, but you should clarify with official sources as government sites will have the most up to date information. 

Your identity documents must be up to date and some countries specify that they must remain valid for a period of time after your course ends. There are plenty of places that also want proof of a return flight, funds, and medical insurance. It is advisable to have these documents ready when you wish to apply for your study visa and to the English language centre itself. 

It is important to read all the information and check with your own embassy or consulate in the country you are hoping to study English; and we have included a link to the general government page in the destination countries which will be up to date and should be read before applying.

Due to various scenarios around the world, delays in visa processing have led to some students not being able to attend their course as planned. With EC Language Centres you can defer your course which may give you time to practice with our free online resources until you can attend an in-person class. We also offer the same classes on our online platform, EC Virtual (soon to be called EC Live). 

We have created this table to give you an idea of the time frame you should allow for your visa application; but it should only be used as a guide. These processing times can be longer or shorter and depend entirely on your own individual circumstances. 

School Location Suggested application time frame 
USA 16 weeks 
Canada 12 weeks 
UK 6 weeks 
Ireland 8 weeks 
Malta 4 weeks 
South Africa 8 weeks 
suggested time required to apply for a student visa

All EC schools are accredited and maybe looking at a different location, may be an option for you if the opportunity for you to study has a limited time frame. 

Our support team will help you at every step of the way and are on-hand to assist you find your course, accommodation, and to help you choose the right location to learn English

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