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Clearing the path for university in Canada

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According to the Global Liveability index, Canada has *three cities ranked in the Top 10, so its no wonder, our Canadian Pathway Programme is popular with young people looking to study and work in the country.

Our highly personalised programme provides access to a wide range of universities and colleges across Canada without the need for a TOEFL or IELTS exam, including some of the country’s top ranked institutions. Two of our 3 Canada English schools run the programme; EC Toronto and EC Vancouver and students can also participate using our online classroom environment, EC Live. There is no cost to you for this service.

The syllabus is primarily General English and includes subjects that aide studying at university, like, reading academic texts, research techniques, critical thinking, essay writing and oral presentations. This enhances your learning experience as it prepares you for university as well as teaching you English; so once you are at college, you can concentrate on your degree course itself.

We are with you all the way from the moment you show interest in the programme; you have a dedicated councillor assigned to you and you will meet them virtually before you even leave home and again, in your first week of the in-person course too.

Night view of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Initially, you discuss your ideal university, course and location, fill a questionnaire and take a placement test online so the councillor can advise you of the estimated number of weeks that you need to reach entry level requirements for your desired college. You will receive your answer within two working days along with information on colleges for you to shortlist.

During your English language course, we arrange college visits so you can get a feel of the location and familiarise yourself with the surroundings. The councillor works with you to submit any applications and once your letter of acceptance is received, the study visa application can commence.

There is continuous communication between agent, EC, University and yourself, and guidance with registration and orientation are also included in the programme.

Contact us to find out more – you can enrol up until 10 days before first day of the EC class date. Last intake for this year is 10th October, which has an enrolment deadline of 30th September 2022.

For 2023, Our Pathway Program in Canada course start dates are:

January 2nd,

February 27th,

April 24th,

June 19th,

August 14th,

October 9th.

We also run the EC Plus Co-Op programme which requires a lower level of English. Courses start every Monday and you can the duration of your course. A co-op programme is a special form of education that combines learning in the classroom with practical experience in a real business – so you learn English skills and professional skills at the same time! Students must apply for a co-op work permit because part of the course includes work and this visa is necessary even if the work is unpaid.

*Canada’s three cities are: No.4 Calgary, No. 5 Vancouver, and No. 8 Toronto.

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