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EC Live – what is it? All about our online English courses

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*EC Live offers you the same in-school EC curriculum adapted for online delivery. You will be taught by experienced, professional EC teachers, and learn English live online, with fellow students.  

You may choose to do learn online because of time or cost – or even before you join an in-person course at one of our 22 schools. Whatever your reason for choosing online learning, you can be confident that you are choosing a powerful and competent method for your language learning when using our exclusive methodology which teaches you how to learn as well as teaching you English. 

  • Classes are smaller than the physical classroom with 8-10 students maximum, allowing for a more intensive learning experience and increased teacher-to-student interaction. 
  • Lessons take place over Microsoft Teams, to enable collaboration on projects and communication with your teacher and classmates. 
  • Flexibility is at the core of EC Live as we teach across multiple time zones with different course intensities to choose from. You can even add private lessons with your teacher and attend free extra lessons.  
  • You can learn WHEN you want, HOW you want and WHERE you want! 

We have courses for: 

Young learners – which has a 2 or 5 day option for the under 18’s

On-Demand classes which can be one-to-one or a closed group which enables you to have tailored subject language training

Those at intermediate level wishing to focus on fluency, accuracy, and specific Business Skills language

Students who wish to study at a regular time with degrees of intensity with the Standard and Premium offering

The teacher will set up a Pre-Class Task with relevant pages to read from the coursebook or perhaps you’ll need to watch a video.  

Students can then come to class prepared and fully participate, maximising their lessons. Each lesson’s objectives are outlined, and students build on the Pre-Class Task, learning and practising the language and skills needed to be successful in the lesson objective.  

Students are asked to work on a writing or speaking Post-Lesson Task as homework, which they upload on Teams. Each task has clear success criteria to help students self-evaluate, set their own goals and see their progress. The students discuss their work virtually with their group, and the teacher monitors the chat, giving them chance to prepare for the following session.  

Find out more about our whole range of live online English classes. You can even do a free trial lesson in our online classroom before committing to anything. 

*EC Live was previously called EC Virtual 

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