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Pink October

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello, Pink October – a bittersweet month when we celebrate and honour all the survivors, the fighters; and we remember those who unfortunately have passed away from Breast Cancer.  Let’s support each other and the progress the world is making to defeat breast cancer.  

October is the annual international breast cancer awareness month during which, health campaigns are organised world-wide. Monumental buildings are lit up in pink, streets change their colour, and tradition holds for both men and women to wear different shades of pink during the month of October to raise awareness. The colour pink helps to remind us that we should all get ourselves checked; all meaning both men and women.  

Breast cancer is most commonly found in women. There is no known common cause, but there are risk factors, which when present, increase the chances of developing breast cancer. These risk factors include: 

  • A family history of breast cancer 
  • Being of an older age  
  • Having a history of non-cancerous lumps 
  • Being overweight/obese 
  • Consuming an excess amount of alcohol  

What can we do to prevent breast cancer?

Early detection is the number one prevention, and that is the reason why this month, Pink October is here. There are several different medical and non-medical ways to get your breasts examined. Breast ultrasound, mammograms and self-testing are the most common ones. Self-examination works by regularly feeling and touching around and on your breasts, and to be aware of any unusual looks, lumps and changes. We must know our own bodies, and this is a great way to start.

What are our English schools doing?

Our product team has created teaching materials for Breast Cancer Awareness month, giving students the opportunity to learn and discuss the facts & figures. Students get the chance to share their creativity through poetry, art or design and they will learn how to articulate and respond sympathetically. We will also be teaching and emphasising the importance of raising awareness.

Pink boxes have been placed at the reception in all our 22 English schools to collect funds to donate to a local charity. Raffles are being spined, and staff and students go pink on certain days.

A fundraising event on Facebook has been created for a global initiative, where all donations from anyone (past students, in-house students, people who would like to study at EC, friends and colleagues) will be donated to Think Pink Europe charity foundation. We are committed to pushing this fundraiser, so we have a winning prize for any person who donates to this fundraiser; *1-week FREE EC Live classes. 

When you donate, you help.
When you help, you win. 

Get involved 

Be part of the change and spread the word. Wear pink, get yourself involved in marathons, purchase that pink ribbon, and wherever you are in the world and whatever you’d like to call them, get your breasts checked!

*All donors will be added to the “Wheel of Names”. Prize can be won by ANYONE who donates. The winner will be announced on the 31st of October & tagged through Facebook. 

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