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What is stopping you from learning English abroad?

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We understand that choosing to learn English abroad can be a big step. It can be a large investment of time, effort and money, but the result can be massive: many people have life-changing experiences and change their future forever! Learning English abroad may seem like a daunting task, but it is easier than you think. The key is to find the right programme and school to fit your needs. 

Studying abroad provides an immersive experience that can help you to quickly gain proficiency in the language. So, if you are thinking about learning English, do not let your fears hold you back – we offer plenty of guidance and support systems to help you succeed. 

We recently did a survey on LinkedIn, let us look at the most common concerns and our advice.

20% of respondents said I am unable to take too much time off work / I need to be able to continue working. To this end, we have schools on both coasts of the USA, across Canada, all over the UK, Malta, Ireland and Cape Town in South Africa – and we offer online classes with our EC Live offering plus our Fast Track course in Cambridge, UK, offers personalised, flexible English programmes with hot desking space for those who need to work remotely. In our New York school, we have morning and afternoon classes, so students can choose which timetable suits them best. 

24% were not sure about visa requirements or were concerned about the length of time they take. EC assists prospective students with the visa process. As soon as you have booked your course, we will send you the documents you need for a hopefully smooth visa application.  

The total cost of a course, accommodation and living expenses was the obstacle for 54 % of respondents. There are some ways to minimise your costs; choosing a particular destination at a particular time of year might help – as prices change for courses based on duration and time of year – you can discuss your budget with our reservations team and they can guide you accordingly. Of course, some destinations are cheaper than others. Consider where you choose to study as some countries have more affordable costs of living too.  

We also offer various levels of accommodation so you can choose the option that best suits your budget. You can be independent and stay in a student residence with other students or you can choose to stay with a local family for a real cultural experience.  

Of course, we also have an online course called EC Live where you have the same multicultural classroom and course materials, delivered at a time that suits you. You can opt for one-to-one lessons on this platform too. 

Some students were not comfortable travelling alone but as nearly all our students come to us ‘solo’ we know they are welcomed into the EC world with open arms and all leave with lots of new friends and memories. We have a whole procedure in place to make to get a warm welcome and you are integrated into school life as soon as possible. Our support teams will guide you through the process from pre-arrival with information packs containing all the documents you will need for immigration, and we can also collect you from the airport and take you to your EC accommodation.  

There is a welcome activity on the Sunday before your course starts where you will be other students and members of the EC team. You will be given instructions on how to arrive at the school on the Monday that your course begins. 

Each evening there will be activities organised by the school; these are designed to be fun and give you chance to practice your English with other students from around the world and at various levels. 

So, what is stopping you from learning English abroad? The right time is now!  

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