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Our General English programmes are designed to improve your ability to communicate in all areas of English from networking to conferencing; from hanging out with other students to presenting your dissertation; from negotiating in a market, to meeting new people. We will help you develop your English systems (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) and skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), while also building the learning skills that will keep you improving and give you the confidence to use your knowledge and language in real-life situations. 

The General English programmes also help you discuss and develop the global competencies (international collaboration, inter-cultural communication and awareness and critical thinking) that are sure to help you succeed in the global community. 

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General English Course Options 

The minimum course duration is 20 lessons, each of 45 minutes, and students have the opportunity to add extra lessons with a special focus on a particular area. EC also offer 24 and 26 lessons and an intensive option which is 30 lessons per week. Special Focus classes cover subjects like global geography, writing skills and global career development. 

You can add on One-To-One lessons which are focused solely on your needs and help you to meet your individual goals without any other students in the class. You can also choose our Mini-Group course which have a smaller number of students enabling teachers to tailor lessons and give each student more attention. 

English in the City Course 

Get out there, interact with locals, experience their dialects and explore their history. Take special focus lessons inspired by your chosen city. One weekly lesson will take you and your classmates outside to experience local sights and activities. Back in the classroom, your lessons will be inspired by the city, from ‘Describing Art and Culture – Museum Tours’ to ‘Talk like a Local – Neighbourhood Visits’. 

EC Live Online English lessons 

EC Live offers you the same in-school EC curriculum adapted for online delivery. You will be taught by experienced, professional EC teachers and learn live with your fellow students. Classes are smaller than the physical classroom, allowing for a more intensive learning experience and increased teacher-to-student interaction. 

Our lessons take place over Microsoft Teams, an online classroom space that enables collaboration on projects and communication with your teacher and classmates. Flexibility is at the core of EC Live as we teach across multiple time zones with different course intensities to choose from. You can even add private lessons with your teacher, attend free extra lessons and communicate with classmates. 

So you see, with our General English courses we have many options for you to improve your English, whatever your goal is and fitting in with your lifestyle and budget options. 

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