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Five things you should do while learning English in New York

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New York really is the city that never sleeps; there is so much to do you might want to extend your stay! Our EC New York English language centre offers General English, English in the City, English for Work, TOEFL Exam preparation and the Academic Year programme. EC New York also has a 30+ school for students aged over 30 – the courses include lots of organised activities that are of interest to the varying age groups and backgrounds of students. 

Located in the Paramount Building, you are already in a slice of movie history; visit scenes of your favourite TV dramas and if you are a budding performer, take the English Plus Dance class to get a taste of life on the stage in the big apple! 

Here are some other ides for you to investigate while you take your English course in New York 

  • Take bike tour and learn about the city from a local. Get an insider’s view on living in the city and stop for street food along the way. You really get to see the best with a guide! The Little Italy Walking Tour takes you around areas once run by the mafia and is incredibly interesting. 
  • See the dualling pianos to sing your heart out to English language songs and let loose after a week of learning. Talented musicians play any song the audience suggests without any prior knowledge of the list. The mostly don’t refer to any music sheets and claim to know about 1000 songs off by heart! Lost of fun and very impressive. 
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter to put life into perspective and to help the local community. You’ll be rewarded with a smile which you will carry with you for the rest of your life. The teams at these shelters are so selfless and it is very humbling. Usually run by churches, the atmosphere is incredible and you’ll be a different person even after just one shift. 
  • Take an improv acting class to help with your active listening, public speaking, confidence and to make you think on your feet. These classes are a lot of fun even for those who are a bit shy! Sometimes you have to mime or act like an object which still uses your English language skills and you need to have interpreted the brief – at speed! 
  • Go and see a show on or off Broadway. There are a raft of new productions heading for the stage in 2023; almost too many to decide from. Choose a musical for a light night out, or choose because you like the era and want to enjoy the costumes and sets, or maybe a favourite actor is cast? Whatever the reason, book from a reputable source and don’t buy tickets from anyone on the street – even if they are right outside the theatre….. 

So this might just be the perfect city to start your dream to learn English in the USA 

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