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Why you should take your English course in Bristol

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There are many reasons why a Bristol English school should be at the top of your list when deciding where to study English in the UK.  

This vibrant and historic city has something for everyone, from its lively music and nightlife scene to its abundance of green spaces and historic landmarks. Artisanal stores and workshops are added learning opportunities and you can enhance shoe making to silk printing skills too and you might see some ‘Banksy’ art adorning the walls too; he is said to hail from the area. 

Bristol is also home to two universities which are consistently ranked among the best in the country – the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England, so the city is set up to cater for students from a fun and a cost point of view. 

At EC Bristol, we offer General English, where you can choose from 20 or 30 lessons a week and add on one-to-one lessons to address any issues you may have with particular aspects of the language, English for Work which goes beyond just teaching you the language, but how to communicate, solve problems and plan and prepare for meetings too. We also have the option to study English for an academic year whereby you will develop fluency and confidence in all four areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  

Here are just some of the reasons why Bristol is such a great city to study in: 

  1. There’s always something going on. Bristol is a city that knows how to have a good time, whether it’s live music in one of the many bars and clubs, or a street party to celebrate a local festival. 
  1. The city is full of history and culture which is evident in its architecture, museums and galleries. It’s a very walkable city too, and very picturesque. You have the benefit of the services and facilities of a city with the beauty of an English village. 
  1. Bristol is often referred to as a ‘green city’, due to its large number of parks and open spaces. In fact, over one third of the city is made up of green space! 
  1. It’s an affordable city to live in – Compared to other major UK cities, Bristol is affordable, which is great news for students on a budget. The surrounding areas too – Bath for example with its racecourse and historic spas – are easy to access and great for when friends and families visit. 

We have many activities too in the school, Pronunciation Clinic, Grammar clinic and free sessions where a lecture on a specific subject will take place as a comprehension and discussion exercise and for fun, we have a weekly movie night where students from across all classes in the schools get together to watch a film and discuss it afterwards, with popcorn of course! 

EC Bristol English school consistently gets great reviews from its students for the high level of professionalism, high standards of education and friendly atmosphere.  

Why not enquire today and start your journey at one of EC’s most popular English language schools. 

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