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Preparing for University with our Unibridge English course

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Moving from school to university is a big decision and while you may have an idea of where you want to go and what you want to study, going through the application and visa process can be challenging. With EC’s Unibridge university preparation course, you can get your English to the correct level and learn the skills you need to research and evaluate a range of courses and universities, write a personal statement and create a video profile that you can use to apply to your ideal course, all of which are stored in your own ePortfolio. 

The course is run at EC Cambridge in the U.K., in the heart of the city centre of the world-renowned university campus dominates, which is equally famous for the student lifestyle that permeates the city, social calendars and day-to-day life. You will learn to live independently with other students in a single room in a residence, where you will have to prepare your own meals and manage your own time, or you can stay with a local family to be immersed into English culture and enjoy home comforts. 

While at the school, we can help you to prepare for the differences you will find once at university in a series of modules; for example, lectures are longer and more intensive than a school classroom and learning to prepare before each session and then how to listen and take effective notes.  

The amount of reading and research can be overwhelming, but we will teach you reading skills that you can apply to longer texts, gain skills to critically assess and collate and summarise information from a range of sources and present your findings clearly and concisely. 

We will guide you through the process of essay writing to ensure that they are informative and based on researched ideas and are easy for the intended audience to follow. Once your essay is completed, you will have to deliver this, often in front of your cohort, and so upping your presentation skills is advantageous. 

Learn how to structure your presentations and engage you audience as well as be able to confidently answer questions from fellow students. Many universities demand students create posters to support their presentations, so we teach you how to lay out your posters; how to plan and edit text and visuals so they are eye-catching and relevant, without being overwhelming. 

Fulfil your dreams of attending your university of choice with one of two levels of our Unibridge course. Classes start every 4 weeks and vary in length from 4 to 24 weeks: 


  • 20 lessons per week 
  • 12 General English Lessons 
  • 2 Modules (8 lessons total) 


  • 30 lessons per week 
  • 12 General English Lessons 
  • 10 Exam Skills Lessons 
  • 2 Modules (8 lessons total) 

Whichever you go for, you can also take part in the activities run by the school; all of which are designed to help you make friends and practice your English in different scenarios with students from around the world who are at different levels and on different courses. 

Contact us to find out how to get started on your journey. 

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