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Making friends is easy when you study English at EC Boston.

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While some of us are naturally shy, we are all united by at least one common interest: a love of learning languages, and a desire to speak and communicate better in English! From this common cause, students and staff our Boston English school have found many ways to connect with one another, be it in classes or during our many activities. 

One of the beautiful things about being an international language school is that people who otherwise might have never crossed each other’s paths have the opportunity to meet and become firm friends. It gives us great pleasure to relate a few stories from our staff and students, and the friends that they have made during their time at EC Boston. 

The story of Ivan and Yasmine 

Ivan, from Ukraine: 

How did you two become friends? 

I don’t know – it’s so easy. I think our vision in life is the same, and she is very open-minded and, um, friendly. I’m very specific with my jokes, so not many people get them. That’s just the way that I can meet with people, and have them understand. 

What’s your funniest or weirdest memory of Yasmine. 

Actually, I don’t have one! You don’t need a special thing to be friends – it’s just someone that you know you can trust, and that you can trust will be understanding of you, and that you will be understanding towards.  

Yasmine, from Switzerland: 

If I had to answer these two questions, then I don’t know how we became friends either! and I think that‘s what is beautiful here, because even if we have nothing in common in the first place, — we were not supposed to meet, also! I can’t explain it, but you’re supposed to meet people from work, from your neighborhood, from your country! Sometimes friendships become beyond that – it’s more than just having things in common or sharing the same background – sometimes it’s just connecting, in a  spiritual sense – and I think that’s what I feel with Ivan – sometimes we don’t share exactly the same political views, or world views – but even if our English is broken, it’s okay . He listens, even if he doesn’t exactly understand! He makes things feel lighter, and more easy. 

How did you become friends? 

Um, we started going to get lunch together, and he’s very nice! I’m not sure he realizes it, but he’s actually kind of a gentleman, and he’s the first one to hold the door open, make sure you’re okay, ask how’s your day is going. – but, by the way, his jokes are THE WORST! 

The story of Gordon and Khalid: 

Khalid, from Saudi Arabia:  

How did you become friends? 

Gordon started to have conversation with me and I immediately saw he was a good guy who was and open-minded and liked having conversations with students. I could see that we had the same vibe, and the same interests – soccer, the news, etc.  He is a good guy, and we say hello and shake hands, and — how can you say — you can know the person,  how they are, without saying anything. I can talk openly and comfortably on any subject. There are no red lines. He’s always full of energy and I love this about him. And he’s a hard worker. You feel happy. 

What’s your weirdest or funniest memory of him? 

One time we were playing soccer together – it was a 6-on-6 game that EC Boston does regularly on Fridays. I had the ball on offense, and he came up to try and tackle me. So I did some soccer skills against him and he just stopped and shouted out loud, for everyone to hear, “No, don’t do it! Don’t do it! I am your friend!” I almost fell down laughing! Another time, during the 2022 Soccer World Cup, Saudi Arabia (which is my home country) and Poland, which is the team Gordon was supporting, were playing against each other. We became enemies for 90 minutes while he was always texting me! I laugh when I remember that. 

Gordon, Student Services Coordinator from South Africa:  

I don’t remember the first time I met Khalid, but I do remember the first time he came to my desk and said, “So what about football?” – and that was how our regular EC game every day started! Khalid is a natural leader, and a great guy, with easy conversation and an easy smile. Every morning when he arrives I lean over the desk and shake his hand. It’s a great privilege to be able to do so, and I count myself lucky to have met him. 

What’s your weirdest or funniest memory of him? 

I remember waking up at about 5:30am one morning, and flipping on the TV to see the score between Argentina and Saudi Arabia. It was just before half-time, and Saudi was down 1-0, so I went about my morning routine. As soon as I got out of the shower and saw that the score was 2-1 to Saudi I immediately texted Khalid, and we exchanged about 10 “I can’t believe it!” text messages! When I arrived at school Khalid came in with a batch of Dunkin Donuts for the entire school, and I quickly printed up a banner that said “Congratulations Saudi Arabia.” We took a picture together that I will never forget! 

At our Boston English school, making life-long friends is easy. These friendships begin here at Boston, and last a lifetime!  

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