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What is the IELTS exam?

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Basically, IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. English learners choose to take an IELTS preparation course because it is the standard for those wishing to live, work or study abroad and covers the four main areas of communication; speaking, listening, reading and writing.  

It was created by experts in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and the UK and is the standard to which these countries expect an immigrant’s English level to be at to integrate with its society. Even mother-tongue English speakers are required to take the test if emigrating. 

It is usual for a student to need around 8 weeks of studying English to get to the required level to take the test; this of course depends on the aptitude of the student and their commitment to learning. Around 3 million people a year take the exam! 

All those who teach the IELTS preparation course at EC Language Schools know exactly what the demands of the examination are and teach not only the best way to pass but using ECs own methodology, will teach you how to learn too; a skill which benefits other aspect of life. 

The EC teaching methodology ensures that each student is fully involved in their learning process and will: 

• Know what they are learning 
• Know why they are learning it 
• How they you can use it in real-life 
• What success will look like 
• Spend time learning how they can learn more effectively 

This course also builds confidence in communicating in English and knowing that you are on the same level as your peers and one step closer to your goal. You will learn idioms, vocabulary and grammar- all which are covered in depth – and all which make you sound more like a local with a broad understanding of the language. 

There is lots of opportunity to revise using past papers so students can build their knowledge accordingly and manage their study time most effectively to address any weak points. 

EC teachers are on hand to guide and assist you through this life changing time and help with personalised study plans and because you are assessed and your progress monitored each week, you can quickly get back on track and achieve your goals. 

So just a reminder. Take the IELTS preparation course in Malta, London, Brighton, Bristol, Cape Town, Dublin, Manchester, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver if you want: 

to attend an English-speaking university 

a career in an international environment 

to gain a competitive advantage in your career path 

an international certificate that proves your level of English 

 to emigrate to an English-speaking country 

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