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Learning English in later years can be a great way to increase your knowledge, enjoy retirement and achieve your life goals. It will help you stay connected with family, friends and the wider world. Not only that, but it’s also an excellent way to increase your quality of life.  

EC Malta offers an English course for those aged 50 and over which runs for two weeks starting on 8th May and 25th September in 2023. The course has activities in and out of the classroom and are aimed at learning for everyday scenarios and around cultural and social activities with peers from around the world.  

We teach how to communicate in today’s world with a guide to email and general conversations and this empowers you to be able to follow your young on social media giving you more of a connection and enables you to see what they are into and have more to talk about with them when you do get to see them in real life! 

As English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, learning it could open many new avenues for you. You will find yourself able to communicate more easily with people from different cultures and backgrounds – enabling you to make new friends, engage in interesting conversations and expand your social circle. This can also boost confidence and mental wellbeing as you age.  

In addition to this, if you are looking to travel overseas or take part in international activities, fluency in English will make life much easier. It can offer opportunities for you to explore new places and cultures, as well as enabling you to take part in all sorts of events without a language barrier. The freedom and confidence being able to get by on your own, will give you is a whole new experience. 

And whilst the technology exists to translate online for you, you do lose something in the literal meanings and of course the spontaneity of conversation in chat rooms and forums, discussing techniques or projects in your hobbies for example, or sharing jokes and funny stories. 

Learning English could help you achieve your life goals and enjoy retirement. Whether it is authoring a book or starting a blog, having good English skills can give you the confidence to pursue the things that matter most to you. You will be able to communicate more effectively with family and friends across borders, allowing for greater closeness and understanding between generations. With so many people moving away to work and mixed nationality partnerships, having a common language like English to communicate, makes for easier conversations in families too. 

So, if you are looking to enjoy your later years and retirement while increasing your knowledge base, learning English at EC Malta is an excellent option! Not only will it open a world of opportunities, but it can also help you stay connected with family and make new friends too.  

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