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My Experience with Embassy Summer – Roberta Pálóczi

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As summer draws ever closer, we asked our 2022 summer staff what they thought of their experience. Here’s Roberta Paloczi recounting her experience as a Welfare and Accommodation Officer.

I’m Roberta Pálóczi, Welfare and Accommodation Officer in Embassy Summer, and I’m happy to announce that I’m back in 2023.

Embassy Summer is an experience like nothing else. It has its ups and downs but you always finish the day with a smile and start the next one with enthusiasm and passion. This was my first summer school experience and the best summer of my life. I’m so grateful that I could do the job with my best friend on my side so we could share all the experiences and we both made new friends whom we can’t wait to meet this year again.

Being a WAO is a 24/7 job. At the beginning, it seemed overwhelming to have the students rely on you when it comes to their well-being. Some days it felt like too much pressure but thanks to the support of the brilliant staff, I quickly learned to adapt.

Through the summer I realised that I’m more capable than I thought. I became more confident in problem-solving; I experienced the real meaning of teamwork and of course I had tons of fun along the way. Being the WAO sometimes means being the “bad guy” who’s only there when something goes wrong with rooming or when a rule is broken. I think this was the most challenging part of the job but I could always find the right way to handle all the problems, and I managed to make friends with group leaders and students as they realised, we are on the same side. On the day of their departures, they were always thankful. And this is the best part of being the WAO…    

I can’t be grateful enough for Embassy Summer for all the experiences it gave me. Returning feels like coming home.


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