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If English is centre stage to your life goals, study at EC Los Angeles

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If celebrity spotting is your thing, or you want to be close to where the movie action is at, or maybe you want to be able to take acting classes, then our EC Los Angeles English school could be the right for you. See all the sights, live the American dream and hang out with locals to find your own way in LA. 

School location. 

Just two blocks from the iconic Santa Monica Beach, one block from the 3rd St Promenade shopping complex, the area always has a feel of paradise. It’s close proximity to UCLA and Westwood Village, where much of our student housing is situated, EC LA’s location provides a balanced vibe of college life with affordable restaurants and constant social activities. 

Multi-nationality of staff.  

There’s a great Mix of Languages Spoken By Staff: Japanese, Italian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, to name a few. Of course, you will be encouraged to speak English but this element enhances the learning experience and gives a real insight to other cultures too. Students from across the globe will feel at home with the reassurance they can communicate in their own language if necessary. 

Courses available. 

General English and Academic Year/Semester courses are available. Starting with a one-week course and 20 lessons right though to a full immersion programme for 24 weeks or more. EC LA also offers English for Work which enables you to communicate in all situations and builds your confidence so you can interact with colleagues all over the world. 

Home from home. 

We offer three types of accommodation; homestays where you live with locals, purpose built student residences with shared amenities or apartments with more of your own space. In the last two cases you will be with other students from all over the world and these friendships will become important to you. For those who stay with families, often a very special bond is formed.  

Weather, Beaches, Culture.  

Some of the best weather in the world makes for great a great local beach atmosphere and a blend of young professionals from Silicon Beach, college co-eds at UCLA and Santa Monica College, locals of all ages, and tourists populate the area to give it a balanced feel as a study destination with vibrance. You’ll make lots of friends at the school too! 

Some LA history: 

  • The population was 1 million in 1930 (today it is almost 4 million) 
  • The 1932 and 1984 Olympics were held here 
  • During WWII it was a major manufacturing site for planes and ships 
  • The first internet (ARPANET) transmission was from here in 1969  
  • EC Los Angeles opens in 2012 
  • In 2022, LA voted in the first female mayor in the USA 

So it’s time to act! Book your course at EC Los Angeles today! 

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