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What Is “The Orange Carpet Experience”

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EC Language Centers’ prides itself not only on its teaching level but in its care and attention of its students to far beyond them leaving one of its schools. A dedicated platform – MyEC – enables students to connect and stay in touch with teachers and other students. 

Students have access to MyEC from home as soon as a booking is made.  MyEC gives access to information about the EC school and location.  From here, students can access our library of self-study activities, or attend free online classes before they arrive and of course, this is where they take the all-important placement test to define which level of class they should be in. The Online Placement Test focuses on Reading, Writing and Use of English (Grammar and Vocabulary) and consists of 66 questions. Speaking level will be assessed on your first day in school. 

Students use MyEC throughout their stay as it holds timetable and assignment information as well as chat capabilities to other EC students and staff so students can find out what’s going on outside the classroom too!  

We communicate what to expect from the moment students arrive in the country of their EC school with instructions of how to arrive at the accommodation and also share information on the locality and on the journey to school. 

We also give information on the Welcome Event which happens on the Sunday before the course starts; this is where students meet their classmates before classes begin on Monday morning. The event location will be communicated by a Student Services Co-ordinator who will be the point of contact for the evening, and throughout a student’s stay. At this event there is the opportunity to ask questions and also to make new friends. Everyone is in the same situation and so make the most of the opportunity! 

Classes start on Monday and progress is monitored and feedback is given every Friday.  Every student’s learning journey is a personalised one, tailored to ensure they have all the tools needed to focus on achieving language outcomes. Students can follow their progress and see assignments and reports on MyEC. 

With over 30 years of experience, we appreciate that every student’s needs and expectations are different, so everything we do has everyone’s needs taken into consideration.   

We will check in with students regularly and are always readily available to support any needs.  We acknowledge that sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but we’re committed to turning things around quickly. 

Before leaving, students take an exit test, the results are compared to those of the pre-arrival test and the new level of English language skills can be determined.  

In a student’s last week, we will celebrate their success with a graduation ceremony where we give them a certificate with their attained level. Levels are defined and recognised internationally, by universities governments and employers. This certificate should be used as a supporting document when applying for a promotion or a job. 

We believe that language learning is a lifetime experience, and we like to maintain our relationships as students continue their journey and invite all alumni to follow our socials pages to benefit from offers and free lessons too. 

We’ll give you tips to overcome the ‘forgetting curve’ and make sure they can continue learning and stay in touch with classmates. 

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