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You want to learn English during your ‘Educational Leave / Bildungsurlaub‘ and you know the best way is to immerse yourself in a country that speaks the language, but there are a few things holding you back. We’re got some answers to the most common fears about studying English abroad:

1. Cost: The cost of studying abroad, including tuition fees, accommodation, and travel expenses, can be a significant barrier for many students.

Affordable programs: EC language schools offer a range of affordable programs that provide good value for money, making it easier for German students to manage the cost of studying abroad.

2. Language proficiency: Lacking the necessary language proficiency to study in an English-speaking country, which ironically, can be a barrier to entry for many English language courses and programs.

Language proficiency assessment: EC language schools offer language proficiency assessments before you arrive to ensure you are placed at the right level. We help students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and tailor their language learning experience accordingly. We guarantee progress if you attend classes and do your homework. We have a clear structure on how long it takes to get through levels, which are recognised by international governments. When leaving, you take another test to see how much you have improved!

3. Living away from home / Homesickness: This could be the first time you have lived away from your family. Some students may experience homesickness and feel isolated when studying abroad.

Accommodation and support services: EC language schools provide accommodation options and support services, such as airport transfers and 24-hour emergency assistance, helping students to feel safe and secure while studying abroad. We introduce you to other new students on the first day so you walk into class already knowing people. All students are in the same situation and this helps you to all gel together.

4. Cultural differences: You may struggle to adjust to cultural differences when studying abroad, including different customs, social norms, and values.

Cultural immersion activities: EC language schools offer a variety of cultural immersion activities, such as excursions, social events, and cultural workshops, helping you to feel more connected to your new environment and develop confidence being with people from all over the world.

5. Visa and immigration issues: Obtaining visas or dealing with immigration issues when studying abroad can be a factor, particularly if they are studying in a country with strict immigration policies like the USA and Canada.

Visa and immigration support: EC language schools have schools in Dublin, Malta, Cape Town, and across the UK, USA and Canada. We can guide you to sites for visa and immigration support services, to help you to navigate the complex process of obtaining visas and dealing with immigration issues.

6. Fear of the unknown: Studying abroad can be a daunting prospect for many German students, and the fear of the unknown can be a significant barrier that prevents them from pursuing this option.

Experienced and qualified teachers: EC language schools employ experienced and qualified teachers who are passionate about teaching English as a foreign language, providing all students with high-quality education and training that meets their needs and goals.

Overall, EC language schools offer a supportive and inclusive learning environment that can helps students to overcome the barriers to studying English abroad with Bildungsurlaub and achieve their language learning and personal development goals.

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