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What is Overt Teaching, and how does it help language students?

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They say overnight success takes years – and thanks to the work of the academic team at EC Language Centres, students can reduce the time taken to succeed with their language learning goals. The EC Promise guarantees students will progress through the internationally recognised levels as follows, and this is mainly due to the quality of teachers we employ and the teaching methodology used at EC.

Embedded into the curriculum and what all teachers at all EC centres deliver is what the industry is all a-buzz about; Overt Teaching.

The Overt Approach, means that teachers need to be explicit and transparent in their instruction, feedback, and assessment; an approach which helps to promote active learning, student engagement, and motivation.

David Byrne, Curriculum Manager and Regional Academic Director for EC Europe & South Africa, has co-authored “Overt Teaching: An Overt Approach To Teaching” which is the first book for the English Language Teaching industry and aims to provide a practical guide to effective teaching for educators at all levels and was researched over many years.

This is the foundation to the language school’s delivery of the Communicative Approach – done the EC way, which is one of the 6 pillars the company bases its academic success on.

Our Mission: Helping students succeed in a global community.

Our Methodology: The communicative approach – the EC way.

Our Assessment: Formative, personalised and relevant.

Our Promise: Progress is visible and guaranteed

Our Course Development:  Research-based and data driven.

Our Consistency:  company-wide standards and training 

Testing, regular feedback and a 360-degree support network ensures we have students studying at the right level and in the right environment for their individual needs. All of these elements feed into the school’s award winning Orange Carpet Experience, which ensures the high standards of treatment and experience by our students.

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