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Learning English in Cape Town is an amazing adventure

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Cape Town is an incredible city; with diverse natural offerings, mountains and beaches, all within the city’s reach. Rich culture and history and having influences by the many people and cultures who have settled there over the centuries make it is a travellers’ dream.  

Students  wishing to do a General English course in Cape Town, can also experience the Big 5 on safari, cage dive with great white sharks or swim with seals and penguins, jump the world’s highest bungee, taste exquisite local wines, hike on the Table Mountain range and visit a local African township for an eye-opening, cultural experience. 

Whilst many think of Cape Town as a great destination for sun lovers from October to March, its Mediterranean climate enables its buzzing lifestyle all year round. There are a ton of markets, festivals, sports events like kayaking to indoor climbing and everything in between like sandboarding, ziplining, nature reserve tours….. It never gets too hot nor too cold and the cloud formations are really a sight to see!  

Indeed, Table Mountain in Cape Town is often covered by a “tablecloth” of clouds that vanish mysteriously off its cliffs. This phenomenon occurs due to the interaction between changing temperatures and the stability of the atmosphere. Moist air from the Atlantic Ocean is blown upward to the mountain, where it cools and condenses into thick clouds. However, the stable atmosphere causes the clouds to sink on the other side of the peak. As the moist air descends and encounters warmer air, the cloud droplets evaporate, creating the illusion of disappearing clouds. This natural phenomenon is not supernatural but showcases the fascinating interplay between nature and the environment. Occasionally, there can be snow on the mountain too In July / August and rarely it falls in the city though – what fun! 

New students at EC Cape Town are treated to a guided, walking city tour on their first day get orientated in this incredible city, as well as get to know fellow students. 

The number of courses at EC Cape Town matches the wide range of activities there are to do after classes too! Study General English, IELTS or Cambridge Exam Preparation, English in the City, English for Work or embed yourself for 24 weeks or more on our Academic Year programme. Free activities at the school includes lectures, a pronunciation clinic, conversation class, and a writing clinic too. 

So, whatever the weather, you are sure to have a fantastic experience at EC Cape Town. 

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