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Why a language school’s awards matter when choosing your school

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When looking for a school to study English abroad, there are many questions to ask yourself:  

Where do you want to go? 

What classes are offered? 

What activities are available? 

What will the climate be like? 

How do I know it’s a good school? 

The latter can be addressed by two methods; one is reviews, look at Trustpilot, Google reviews etc and testimonials you will see on the site and on social channels (check the specific school’s hashtag and perhaps the ‘head office’ page. 

Another way is to check it adheres to industry standards and has the relevant certifications, and also that it is recognised with accolades and awards from industry associations. These are generally stiff competition to win and prove a schools’ desire to gain and maintain a standing amongst their peers. 

Accreditation bodies evaluate various aspects of the school, such as curriculum, teaching methods, facilities, student support services, and the qualifications and training of teachers. By obtaining accreditations, language schools demonstrate their commitment to maintaining high educational standards, giving them a higher level of credibility.  

Awards received by language schools acknowledge their excellence in specific areas. These awards can be granted for factors such as teaching quality, innovative programs, student satisfaction, social responsibility, or contributions to the field of language education. Recognition through awards helps distinguish a language school from its competitors and highlights its achievements and strengths. 

Student Benefits:  

Attending an accredited language school can provide students with certain benefits. For example, some language schools have partnerships with universities or offer pathways to further education, allowing students to earn academic credits or gain access to higher education institutions. Additionally, certain language schools are approved by government agencies or recognised by employers, which can be advantageous for individuals seeking visa sponsorship or employment opportunities. 

In the English language teaching industry, several awards and accreditations are considered important. Here are some of the notable ones: 

British Council (Accreditation UK), English UK, and Quality English indicate that a language school meets specific standards of quality and professionalism. These accreditations are highly regarded and provide assurance to students and agents about the school’s credibility and adherence to industry standards. 

The Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services (EAQUALS) is an international association that evaluates and accredits language schools based on rigorous criteria. EAQUALS accreditation signifies high teaching standards, effective administration, and quality services. 

Language schools may be authorised preparation centres for Cambridge English exams. Being an authorised centre indicates that the school has met specific requirements and can provide quality preparation for Cambridge English exams. 

The International Association of Language Centres (IALC) is a global network of independent language schools that have met stringent quality standards. Membership in IALC is a prestigious recognition that signifies a commitment to excellence in language teaching and services. 

The StudyTravel Star Awards, organised by StudyTravel Magazine, are prestigious accolades in the language travel industry. These awards recognise excellence across various categories, including English language schools, language travel agencies, and service providers. 

EC Language Centres have a number of accreditations and consistently win and are shortlisted for awards; take a peek inside our trophy cabinet here. 

Some of our accolades regionally specific or pertain to a particular aspect of our methodology, range of courses or customer service and extend beyond the above list. 

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