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What is an Academic Year English language course?

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EC’s Academic Year English course is a long-term English language program designed for students who want to study English intensively over an extended period. This course typically spans several months and provides a comprehensive and structured approach to language learning. Here’s an overview of what the EC academic year course entails: 


The academic year course at EC is generally designed to run for 24 or 36 weeks, depending on the specific program. This extended duration allows students to immerse themselves in the language and make significant progress in their English proficiency. 

Intensive English Instruction. 

The course offers intensive English instruction, typically with a focus on the four core language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The curriculum is designed to cover a wide range of topics and language areas, catering to students at different levels, from beginner to advanced. 

Language Development. 

The academic year course aims to help students develop their language skills in a progressive manner. It includes lessons on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and idiomatic expressions, along with exercises and activities to reinforce learning. Students can expect a systematic approach that builds upon previously acquired knowledge and introduces new language concepts. 

Communicative Approach. 

EC emphasises a communicative approach to language learning. The course encourages students to actively participate in class discussions, engage in group activities, and practice their speaking and listening skills through interactive exercises. This approach helps students gain confidence in using English for real-life communication. 

Personalised Learning: While following a structured curriculum, EC recognizes the importance of addressing individual student needs. The academic year course incorporates personalized learning strategies, such as individualised attention from teachers, feedback on language performance, and opportunities for one-on-one language coaching or tutorials. These elements ensure that students receive tailored support to enhance their language skills effectively. 

Progress Monitoring. 

EC places importance on tracking students’ progress throughout the academic year course. Regular assessments and evaluations are conducted to measure individual performance and identify areas for improvement. This feedback helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses and allows teachers to provide targeted guidance and support. 

Cultural Integration. 

In addition to language instruction, the academic year course often includes cultural components. These may involve exploring aspects of local culture, history, and customs through interactive activities, field trips, or presentations. Such opportunities enable students to broaden their understanding of the English-speaking world and enhance their intercultural competence. 

Check out the dedicated section of this website or reach out to the EC center directly for precise information on the academic year course. 

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