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Whilst LA is known for the film industry and associated sights, boulevards, and locations, it has a vibrant arts scene which is known by those in the know. 

People have many reasons for learning English in LA, and perhaps the film or arts industries – as a professional or as a participant – is yours. 

Whatever the reason, spending any amount of time in a new place offers opportunities to practice English and be who you want to be; you have a blank canvas! People will only know what you – and your social media – tell them. So shed the shy person, change that behaviour pattern that bugs your family and friends back home, start or stop that habit you’ve been meaning to …. 

Distract yourself and try out into new hobbies, broaden your horizons and be fearless! 

A couple of blocks from EC LA is the Bergamot Station Arts Centre which is a complex of buildings that houses spaces for a multitude of galleries showcasing all genres of art, live music and entertainment spaces, outdoor and indoor theatre and a choice bars and farm-to-table eateries. 

Many events are free to the public and the centre has a full programme of art and education – a great way to spend the time out of class and different to the usual Santa Monica vibe. It’s 30 minutes on public transport and under an hour’s walk, with lots to see and take refreshments enroute. 

There are more galleries, like Studio 106 and Square One Contemporary which also has a wonderful gift store, and arts supplies shops close by if you are inspired to express yourself through a medium whilst on your language learning journey. 

Why not pick up some supplies and take yourself off to one of the many parks to indulge? The Christine Emerson Reed park is close to the school and of course, being just a block away from the ocean, means there are lots of benches and areas where you can position yourself a vantage point for the scenery. 

And if landscapes are your thing, head over to Topanga State Park or make a weekend retreat of it at the Santa Monica National Recreation Area?  

All interactions count as practice and the vocabulary you will use will differ for scenario to scenario, so do expose yourself to as many different things as possible, to build your language skills, your network and experiences. 

Learning English will be easier and more enjoyable if you are doing it around hobbies and pastimes you enjoy; the language will be relevant and stay with you more easily. 

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