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EC San Francisco’s Success in Student Transfers to USA Higher Ed

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Education is a transformative journey, and for international students studying in the United States, it often involves dreams of advancing to higher education institutions. Despite challenges with visa approvals, EC San Francisco, a leading English language school, has been diligently working to nurture higher education partner relations and provide more opportunities to F-1 student visa holders who study with them.  

This effort has yielded remarkable results, with an increasing number of students successfully transferring to colleges and universities and as the fall term of 2023 approaches, EC San Francisco is proud to announce that it’s trebled the number of students on track to transfer to various partner institutions, a testament to the dedication and commitment of the entire EC community. 

The success of EC San Francisco in facilitating student transfers can be attributed to several key factors. The emphasis placed on building strong in-house partnerships with reputable colleges and universities across the United States and the school’s awareness and dedication to fostering these relationships, have played a pivotal role in creating opportunities. 

By actively engaging with prospective students and their families, EC can effectively showcase the benefits of studying at EC San Francisco and the potential pathways to furthering their education through partner institutions.  

“Our commitment to building relationships extends beyond paperwork and formal arrangements. Spotlight events, such as the recent visit from Drew Gephart, Director of International Students at Diablo Valley College, demonstrate the school’s dedication to personally connecting students with representatives from partner institutions. Such events allow students to have their questions answered, gain insights into the transfer process, and develop a sense of familiarity with their prospective institutions. This personal touch goes a long way in inspiring students and easing their transition to higher education,” says Ryan Hisamoto, Centre Director at EC San Francisco. 

“As the fall term of 2023 approaches, EC San Francisco eagerly anticipates further growth in the number of successful student transfers to partner institutions. The school hopes to expand the pipeline of students transferring to U.S. higher ed partners in the future and is already working towards facilitating a crop of spring transfers in the coming months. By continuously fostering strong relationships, creating awareness, and providing unwavering support to its students, EC San Francisco English school aims to be a driving force in shaping the academic journeys of international students seeking to pursue higher education in the United States,” he adds. 

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