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Here’s why Bristol English Language Schools are great for students

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Choosing to learn English in Bristol, and specifically at EC Language Centre, can be a great decision for several reasons. 

The city is known for its rich history, vibrant arts scene, and diverse culture. This makes it a wonderful city for students to immerse themselves in English both inside and outside the classroom and the people are generally known to be warm and welcoming. One thing you will notice is how people talk to each other on the streets and at bus stops – so say hello to whoever you pass!  

Bristol isn’t as overwhelming as larger cities like London, but it still offers many of the same amenities and experiences. Its size can be advantageous for those who want a more intimate learning environment and as it is close to both the sea and the countryside, it offers a balance of cool street and country chic experiences. 

Studying English in Bristol with EC enables students to immerse themselves in English life; with a well-regarded university (in the UK’s Top 10), the cost of living is geared towards students you will meet people from all over the UK and from all over the world. This aspect can be beneficial, not just for language practice but also for personal growth and cultural understanding. 

Because of its large student population, it offers numerous events, workshops, and meetups related to English literature, drama, and other relevant subjects, giving students added avenues to hone their skills. It also hosts several festivals, such as the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta in the Spring which is a must-see, and the Bristol Harbour Festival in the Summer, which are great fun and opportunities to meet different people. 

Once you have decided on taking an English course in Bristol – look at EC Bristol – the school has a strong reputation for providing quality English language education, it was the 10th location opened by EC Language Centres back in 2011.  

Across all EC centres, the organisation uses contemporary teaching methods that focus on real-world English, helping students to use the language confidently in everyday situations. They call this ‘The Communicative Approach – The EC Way,’ and means they put students at the centre of their learning with controlled class sizes so teachers can give each student attention, and regular feedback session so any issues can be addressed early on.  

Its modern, well-equipped classrooms and MyEC portal, enable students to file assignments and store lessons digitally for future reference and to see how they have progressed over the duration of their course. Knowing all that the school is well organised and assignments are in order means students can take advantage of everything Bristol has to offer! 

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