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Combine English and Dance at EC New York

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If you love to dance and want to make the most of your time improving your English language in New York, you can combine your course with one dance class per day at New York’s Broadway Dance Center. Classes include ballet, jazz, hip-hop, theatre, tap, belly dancing, yoga, pilates, stretch and more and fit in easily with your curriculum. Maybe try a different dance each week and see which you like the most? You are sure to meet lots of interesting people with the same interest as you too! 

Dancing is seen on the streets too in certain neighbourhoods; break dancing is still popular and you can easily spend an hour watching it! Sass is a relatively new dance revolution where there are no rules – it’s all about confidence. Any musicals lover will know the shows like 42nd Street, An American in Paris, Billy Elliot, Cats, Fosse, Hairspray, West Side Story and Riverdance – some of which are still playing on Broadway today. But one show you absolutely MUST see when in New York is the Radio City Rockettes. If you didn’t want to be a dancer before the show, you will do after. 

Dance itself comes with lots of instructions and vocabulary too; these new words and terminology can be learned and improved by taking one to one English lessons which can be purchases as a one off or for a number of days. 

By combining English lessons with dance classes, you can improve both language proficiency and dancing skills simultaneously. The immersive nature of both activities can enhance the learning process. 

Dancing is not only a great form of expression but also an excellent way to keep physically fit. Paired with the mental stimulation of learning a language, this combination can be incredibly beneficial for overall well-being. 

Both dancing and language learning hinge upon effective communication. While English helps you verbally articulate thoughts, dance enables you to express through movement. Mastery in both can make you a more effective and versatile communicator.  

Dance is a universal language. By exploring different dance forms and traditions, you can also gain insight into various cultures and histories, enhancing your global perspective. As you can imagine, New York boasts numerous state-of-the-art dance studios and theaters. Learning in such facilities can be an enriching experience.  

Being trained in English at an EC Language Centre can open up numerous doors, whether in terms of academic and job prospects. Ultimately, the benefits you reap will depend on your personal goals and how you engage with the resources and opportunities available to you during your time with EC in New York. 

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