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Navigating the Intricacies of English Grammar: Spotlight on Phrasal Verbs

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What’s a Phrasal Verb, Anyway? 

Phrasal verbs are fascinating constructs in the English language, offering a rich tapestry of expressions that might initially seem perplexing but are central to everyday communication. They are not just mere verbs, but a blend of a principal verb combined with an adverb or preposition (or sometimes both). This combination crafts a meaning distinct from the original verb, making them idiomatic in nature. For example, the verb “take” has a general meaning, but when paired with a preposition like “up,” it transforms into “take up,” meaning to begin a new hobby.  

At EC English language centres you will learn to use phrasal verbs adeptly which can lend an air of fluency to one’s English, enabling you to communicate with the ease and nuance of a native speaker. 

As per popular search engines, a Phrasal Verb is an idiomatic combination of a verb teamed up with an additional component, which could be an adverb (like in “turn on”) or a preposition (such as in “run into”) or even a blend of both (“come up with”). 

Simplified, a Phrasal Verb pairs a verb with another element, either an adverb or preposition, creating a unique meaning. To truly embrace English and sound like a native speaker, mastering Phrasal Verbs is non-negotiable. They’re embedded in daily English conversations. 

Here are some examples to illuminate the concept: 

– Turn Up: To arrive or appear unexpectedly. 

– Look Into: To investigate or research. 

– Bring About: To cause something to happen. 

– Come Across: To find something or meet someone by chance. 

– Put Off: To postpone or delay. 

– Run Over: To exceed a time limit or to hit something/someone with a vehicle. 

– Call Off: Essentially, to cancel. 

– Find Out: To discover something. 

– Throw Away: To dispose of or discard. 

– Fill Out: To complete, often referring to forms. 

– Hand In: To submit, typically in an academic or formal setting. 

Your grasp on English grammar just got stronger and using these in your conversations will really make you sound fluent! If you’re hungry for more, explore EC English’s dedicated grammar resources – we have lots of free information available or perhaps consider enrolling in a course at EC? You will meet new people and able to improve and practise in an English-speaking environment where you will have to use the language to do everyday things – full immersion is the way to learn! 

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