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You will have seen images of Brighton and its pier, the lovely lanes full of restaurants and indie shops and probably think it’s a quaint place to visit for a day; but we’re here to educate you – and while we pride ourselves in our teaching of English, we believe it’s the whole experience that counts. We appreciate that you will be dedicating time, funds and be away from your friends and families – to study English in Brighton and want to help you make the most of your stay. 

Of course, you can do to the quaint and take that vintage vibe back with you, or you could go full on adrenaline and max out your time. The pier is a good place to start; with live music and festivals scheduled for much of the year with American, Jazz, Indie Rock and a Ukraine Arts Festival this October featuring various performers. 

Being close to the sea, there are multiple opportunities to get your heart racing – and we don’t mean just braving the cold sea for a swim! Try a jet ski ride or get taken for a 30-minute super-fast ride on a powerboat! While at the beach, you could try a zip line? Climb the 32-meter-high staircase and get strapped in for a speedy descent.  

If 32 meters isn’t a high enough high for you, head to the i360 tower where you can be taken 138 meters up the tower to a glass viewing pod which gives views to the Sussex coastline and many local landmarks. You can opt t strap yourself to the outside and have the fresh air in your face – if you really want to…. 

Back on the ground you can go back in time and try some moves on the Skate 360 rink – rollerblade the day away to music and learn new tricks. If two wheels are more your thing, you can rent a bike or even an e-bike and explore at your own pace or join a group tour to make new connections and see more of the surrounding area. 

The EC school is opposite Brighton Pier and brilliantly placed for the shops, eateries and entertainment venues and our accommodation choices like the Brittania Study Hotel, are 15 minutes from the school by foot and our homestays are in the suburbs, which can be an hour away from the school using public transport. 

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