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EC English Language Centres delivers digital certificates to all students by using the Accredible platform once the student graduates from their course. This enhances the student experience and provides cutting-edge innovations in education as well as reducing paper use. 

Graduations are celebrated each Friday in each of EC’s schools – orange togas and mortarboards are worn, photographs taken and now even fun filters on the Instagram platform allows students to share their success in the virtual world. 

Accredible’s state-of-the-art digital certificate platform enables EC to provide students with secure, verifiable, and shareable digital credentials upon successful completion of their language courses. This transition from traditional paper certificates to digital credentials aligns with EC Language Centres’ dedication to staying at the forefront of technology-driven educational advancements. 

With digital certificates, students can access their credentials anytime, anywhere, and from any device with internet connectivity. This eliminates the hassle of carrying physical certificates and ensures that their accomplishments are always at their fingertips. These can be shared on Linkedin and with professional bodies and HR departments; what’s more is a digital badge can be added to a signature to highlight the student’s achievement in every communication. 

Accredible’s blockchain-backed technology ensures the authenticity and integrity of the certificates. Students, employers, and institutions can easily verify the validity of the digital certificates, safeguarding the credibility of the achievements. 

Digital certificates can be easily shared on social media platforms, professional networks including Linkedin, and online resumes, allowing students to showcase their language proficiency to potential employers and educational institutions globally. By adopting digital certificates, EC Language Centres contributes to sustainability efforts by reducing paper usage and minimising its ecological footprint. Students can retain access to their digital certificates indefinitely, enabling them to provide evidence of their language skills whenever necessary throughout their language learning journey and their careers. 

Trusted by educational institutions, professional organisations, and corporations worldwide, the technology ensures the security, authenticity, and accessibility of digital credentials and so gives a guarantee to the institution involved that the certificate is genuine.  

The certificate shows the level and attendance and course details, so that if they return to an EC school, or other language provider, they have evidence of their level in hand. 

Check out #mirroryourgoals and #ecenglish to see students graduating at our schools in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Malta and Dublin as well as in our online school, EC Live. 

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