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Vancouver – A full life of experiences in study abroad trip

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The mix of responses to our surveys of why our aged 30+ students choose to learn English in Vancouver  with EC often shows the experiences as high ranking; our lessons are tailored to meet the needs of those climbing the career ladder while enabling them to mix with their peers in dedicated areas of the school and on the many events organised for that group specifically. 

Vancouver has a rich cultural calendar and offers something for everyone at a variety of price points too. Adventurers can explore canyons, forests and endless coastline and parks with a highlight being Capilano where the bridge is illuminated while you cross giving over to spectacular views with festive tunes to accompany you. 

Sporty types can try the marathon scene in beautiful scenery or cheer the Vancouver Canucks from the side lines while they whack their puck. Walking the city, you will also see teams practicing and can try to grasp the rules – or take advantage of a local’s knowledge and ask! Canadians are the friendliest people in the world after all! 

Another Puck features at the famous Bard on the Beach event which runs through the Summer; a feast for any English literature fan – a handful of Shakespeare’s works are performed with added events to make you want to camp and not miss a single thing. 

Theatre goers have even more choice from musical events, Cirque du Soleil and world stars gracing stages; sign up to the Rogers Arena newsletter to find out more. Those who enjoy a good laugh should head to the Improv Centre based on Granville Island to witness teams of comedians vie for the laughs and applause of the audience before a winning team is judged to have won. 

The city is surrounded by Christmas trees, so you feel in the thick of it for seasonal events; there isn’t always snow on the lowlands, but it is possible to ski 15 minutes away; Grouse Mountain, Cypress Mountain and Seymour Mounts are all easily accessible in under an hour. 

To enjoy all of these to the max, you will need two things that we can help with; a good command of the English language and people to enjoy the events with; you will easily make friends at the school – attend the first day event to meet other newbies and then you join the class that best suits your level. You’ll have chance to mix with the other 30+ students at the events run by the school and meet other students at the free events, classes and workshops. 

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