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English Now Course for Further Education, Global Success, and the Workplace

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Are you eager to unlock doors to global opportunities, enhance your career prospects, or excel in academic endeavours and learn English in Cambridge? Look no further than English Now exclusively available at EC Cambridge. Whether you’re aiming to thrive in a multinational workplace, excel in university studies, or navigate diverse cultural landscapes, English Now is designed to meet your unique needs and aspirations. 

We understand that your language learning journey is as unique as you are and with this programme you can choose modules to meet your various goals, including honing essential General English skills, refining workplace presentation abilities, perfecting academic research and writing, or mastering social English for global interactions. EC’s English Now programme offers 20 or 30 lessons per week and add one or two additional modules per week.  

Learn research, writing, and note-taking skills in smaller groups, or enhance your workplace communications by mastering advanced presentation techniques. Gain insights into intercultural communication for global success and keep your progress in your online ePortfolio, where your writing, speaking, presentations, projects, and collaborations can be showcased to universities and potential employers. 

English Now caters to your ambitions by offering an array of modules that align with your aspirations. Some of the options include: 

Advanced Presentation Skills: Sharpen your ability to craft impactful presentations, adapt content to different audiences, and skilfully navigate challenging questions. 

Advanced Essay Writing: Learn to structure compelling essays, avoid redundancy, present and evaluate viewpoints effectively, and properly cite sources. 

Speaking for Social Situations: Master the art of introducing yourself, engaging in small talk, discussing your interests, and providing spoken reviews of various topics. 

The programme goes beyond language proficiency; free lectures feature guest speakers from diverse backgrounds, offering authentic English input and the chance to engage in enlightening Q&A sessions. Topics range from historical events to contemporary strategies for personal branding on LinkedIn, expanding both your language skills, your general knowledge and your employability. 

Still a while to go before you start work? For those aspiring to pursue further education, we can get you ready to take the next step in terms of language and in addition, our University Placement Service helps you choose from a number of establishments with our team who will provide expert guidance every step of the way.  

Receive personalised advice on choosing the right university course, assistance with application processes, and support in navigating visa applications – all to ensure a smooth transition to your desired academic destination. 

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