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Impact 5 New Year resolutions: study English abroad 

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New Year’s resolutions are a tradition in which people resolve to change an undesired trait or behaviour, to accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve their life at the start of a new year. By deciding to take an English language course at any one of our EC English Language Centres, you can hit five of the most popular resolutions! 

Whilst the number one position is to Exercise More and Stay Fit, we all know what happens to that one.  Gyms often see a surge in memberships at the beginning of the year and are then empty by March…… 

Lose Weight comes in a close 2nd, and after the indulgence of the season, people start to focus on diet and physical activity to achieve a healthier body weight. 

Save Money/Improve Finances comes in 3rd and this is where a course can help; by adding speaking English to your skillset and CV, you are open for career improvements and the opportunity to change job and work for international companies.  

Learn a New Skill or Hobby is number 4. Picking up new skills or hobbies is a popular resolution, as it contributes to personal development and can offer new leisure activities; with so many courses available in English, learning English opens up those other learning opportunities to you. 

Quit Smoking. For those who smoke, quitting is often a top priority for the new year, due to the significant health benefits of stopping. A no-brainer really. Don’t wait for the New Year. Be a quitter today! 

Read More is next, and proper books not Facebook …  Many people aim to read more books to gain knowledge, improve their minds, or simply for enjoyment. By improving your English the whole world of the arts opens up to you! Strat with magazines and newspapers, graduate to a electronic book where you can translate words you get stuck on. 

Travel More. Exploring new places and cultures is a common aspiration, and the new year often brings resolutions to travel more, whether locally or internationally. EC has 24 schools in English speaking destinations so you can immerse yourself in the culture and live like a local while learning. 

Spend More Time with Family and Friends is also listed. Strengthening relationships and spending more quality time with loved ones is a frequent goal and is easier once you learn to communicate better; or have a new experience you can share with them and perhaps inspire them to tackle their own goal too?! 

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