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Think Los Angeles is all movies and beaches? Think again! 

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LA is an art lover’s paradise! Explore the Getty on LA’s Westside, situated nearby to our Los Angeles English school. The Getty features spectacular world-renowned exhibits and a garden with sweeping views over the city. The building itself is considered a fantastic piece of architecture. If you study English in Los Angeles, you will be able to express yourself through language and also through art.

Extend your education

Spend a day at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to experience art through various senses. Talks, exhibitions, demos, and workshops are scheduled for all genres. From prose to puppets to placemats, the museum offers opportunities for you to learn and play. EC Los Angeles provides General English, English for Work, and Academic Semester/Year courses as well as offering a variety of accommodation options. 

Writer’s Boot Camp

For those interested in creating their own art, sign up for a Writers Boot Camp at the Bergamot Arts Centre. With 100 hours, they will guide you from an idea to a draft – an excellent way to practice your English. Gardens and parks abound, providing plenty of spaces for inspiration. Consider exploring the Huntington Library. 

Make space for dining!

The Space Shuttle Endeavor is at The California Science Centre and see this marvel of engineering and technology. Experience diverse restaurants in Koreatown, Little Tokyo, and Olvera Street at the heart of the oldest part of the city. 

Shopping & Leisure

LA offers numerous music venues, shopping opportunities, and wellness places. Hike the hills! Head to Griffith Park, home to the famous Hollywood sign. Discover a handful of museums along with a rich selection of flora and fauna. Look out for the Greek theatre as it is the city’s premier outdoor performance space. The park provides various activities such as bike rental, golf, tennis, jogging, pony rides, and swimming. 


Catch a game of basketball, baseball, or ice hockey to truly immerse yourself in American culture. Don’t forget the beaches and movie-based attractions – but that’s another story. Whatever your reason for learning English, EC Los Angeles is a great choice with ample opportunities to practice outside of classes. 

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