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Bilingual bliss: language learning and cultural in Montreal 

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Montreal is a bilingual city where both English and French are widely spoken and this environment provides a unique opportunity for immersive learning. Being exposed to both languages daily enhances language acquisition and understanding of cultural nuances and gives students the opportunity for switching languages as the need arises.  

Young Achievers

EC offers a Young Achievers course for teens ages 15 -18; available all year around, discussing subjects like health, business, art and fashion, politics and technology during the projects based special focus classes, so a good option for long school holidays, which gives them a real advantage when returning to their normal school. Independence, confidence, a new life-long skill and an expanded subject knowledge with different perspectives and a new peer-network as the return for a few weeks’ investment. 

EC’s standing in the language learning sector makes it stand out as a top provider for learning and EC Montreal, like other EC schools, attracts students from various cultural backgrounds, creating a diverse learning environment. This diversity can enrich the language learning experience, providing wider perspectives and opportunities to practice language skills with peers from different parts of the world. 

Adult English

For adults aged 18 and over, courses cover General French and consist of 20, 24, 26 or 30 lessons, some of which are Special Focus Classes and cover real language with vocabulary, idioms, pronunciation in energetic classes. ECs teaching methods are dynamic with high quality materials and interactive TVs in each classroom. 

Task-based lessons and authentic materials that reflect real-life scenarios, interests and current affairs help to build vocabulary and confidence – both of which are important to master, as well as grammar. Also available at  

Gastronomy lessons 

EC Montreal you can study English / French or both, with the opportunity to add two Gastronomy sessions to the programme of your choice which includes: 

Pastry making  

Mixology lessons  

Food tours  

Tour of food markets  

Beer tours  

Chocolate making  


Further activities 

There are plenty of outside the classroom activities too that enable students to have real world practice and memorable experiences like visiting Mount Royal on a fat-tire bike, going to an ice hockey game, visiting the many different museums, and Biosphere or hanging out at the old port. 

For students of any age interested in learning English and / or French, EC Montreal could provide a convenient option to study both languages in one location, possibly even integrating the learning experience for a more holistic approach. Learning English or French here allows students to gain insights into local culture and establish connections within the city. This can be particularly beneficial for students looking to integrate more fully into the community or explore educational or professional opportunities in Montreal. 

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