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EC Invests 1 million Euro in technology for its schools 

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EC Language Schools has announced it has invested €1 million which includes the refresh of all its classroom technology with large interactive TVs across its schools globally. The rollout empowers EC teachers to bring language alive through the exhaustive library of materials.  AI is used to educate, plan lessons and equip students to make use of the technology in Special Focus Classes, to succeed in today’s the global community. 

EC was a pioneer in the EFL arena in using interactive whiteboards in its classrooms, which in their time revolutionised the teaching experience. Using interactive TVs today, makes the whole lesson smoother for both teachers and students, and delivers a better and less cumbersome all-round learning experience. 

 “The process of the technology replacement is in all of our classrooms, and back-offices, around the world,” said Andrew Mangion, Chairman and CEO, EC Language Centres. “This update to our technology furnishes our classrooms with the latest interactive TVs and enhances the classroom experience for our students.” 

In addition to this classroom technology upgrade, EC has introduced digital certificates through the Accredible platform. This innovative feature allows EC students to securely share their academic achievements and certifications directly with government entities, universities, employers and popular social media networks such as Linkedin.  EC has also revamped its MyEC portal, providing students with improved tools to manage assignments and track their progress effectively. 

EC remains steadfastly committed to providing top-quality learning environments, as evidenced by its numerous accreditations. The classroom technology upgrade further demonstrates the school’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards.   

“We’ve also been working hand in hand with National Geographic Learning on their new Outcomes series 3 materials including the books and videos, and these delivered through our new systems, will maximise their effectiveness and impact. EC is very proud to have been involved in the creation of the new deliverables which are available to all ESL schools from January 2024,” concluded Mangion. 

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