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Galentine’s Day is a day dedicated to honouring and enjoying female friendships. It originated from the TV show “Parks and Recreation” in 2010. The day typically involves activities like brunch, exchanging gifts, and pampering, focusing on celebrating the bonds between women. Although it started as a fictional concept, Galentine’s Day has gained popularity as a cultural phenomenon, with many women annually celebrating their friendships on this day. 

We are so proud  

One of the things EC English Language Schools is very proud of are the friendships that are made while students are at their schools. These bonds are strong with people maintaining contact for many years, with some groups still meeting regularly across countries! We have even celebrated a few weddings over the years! 

Making friends on this journey is important and having things in common like the same goals, being away from home and exploring the same place, are experiences that are best shared and are not comparable with friends from home. 

Real friendships and real students 

Some recent comments about the friends they made from our students 

Carmen Boldoran 

a week ago 

Best experience and the most wonderful teachers! Thank you for the unforgettable memories! I feel that I could really brush up my English and the teacher knew exactly how and what to improve. Overall, it was truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and the people played a huge part in that. ❤️ 

Jessica Hess 

2 months ago 

I definitely recommend this school. The teachers are friendly and competent. The activities are varied and well organized. I met a lot of students I won’t forget. The building and classrooms are modern. Nothing but positive things! 

Alicia DOS REIS 

5 months ago 

I was not convinced to go to an English school but honestly EC Malta is honestly the best English school ever. The teachers are great, they make you learn English and I made so many friends I wouldn’t have met without this school. If you’re looking for an English school that’s very close to its students, you should go to EC. 

Chris Zimmermann 

6 months ago 

EC school is not just an institution to improve your English skills, but also to get to know nice people from all over the world – if you don’t do it, you miss a lifetime experience! 

Melissa Souza 

7 months ago 

I had a great time at EC! The classes were amazing, the teacher were incredibly nice, and I made friends for life! I’ll be back for sure! 

So, get in touch to see which centre will offer you the language learning experience you are looking for – which will introduce you to like-minded souls too! 

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