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Enrich your soul at EC London- in the heart of the arts and history 

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There are a multitude of reasons to choose London to study English and there are many language schools in London to choose from. Of course, Cool Brittania may have been a branded idea a few years ago, but London still has the same values. Street style, food, the arts and the living history make EC London a great place to learn in. 

Ample opportunities to practice what you have learned are within walking distance of the school and beyond the daily life of supermarkets, pharmacies and the pub, the area around our prestigious location is rich with fun and fine opportunities for you to immerse yourself into living like a local – and not just any local, a Londoner. 

An A-Z of museums surrounds our location; the Foundling Museum which exhibits items from the first home of abandoned children, the Charles Dickens Museum which was the writer’s home, showcasing personal effects and items associated with the infamous story of his which ties into the former, Oliver Twist. If you are a lover of old books, The British Library is a must. Talks, events, displays and of course a reading room. The Postal Museum is in the same vicinity, with a great audio tour and the London Canal Museum makes you want to take to the water! 

If you want to travel further – like to space – why not take a trip with Tom Hanks who talk you through the Moonwalkers exhibition at The Lightroom Arts Centre? If your tastebuds want to travel, try out the National Geographic Traveller Food Show being held at the Business Design Centre in July. 

To work off the calories, how about something more active? Saddlers Wells has a line-up of productions that would delight any dance fan, from ballet to breakdance and everything in between including Flamenco, tap, modern and hyper visual performances all year round. And the Ironmonger Row Baths allow you to swim and take part in various sports and exercises classes from dawn till dusk. 

The Barbican is also close by and as Angel borders Shoreditch, you are seriously close the coolest part of town! Shopping and nightlife are abundant and even if you take just a t shirt home, it will be forever special and a memory of the special time you spend in one of the world’s best cities.  

And dare I use my position to influence your choices…but the UK’s best (in my humble opinion) chain of restaurants, Dishoom, is very well represented; and serves the English’s most favourite food; Curry. You decide how to enrich your soul, but this article pretty much sums up a perfect month for me! Learn English in London with EC and experience for yourself what this amazing destination has to offer! 

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